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Cetane Booster

The number of cetanes is a measure of time to indicate the delay time, the combustion of fuel means that the delay time between the onset of spraying into the combustion chamber and the start of combustion of the fuel, which is accumulated during this time delay, and then ignited, and the combustion The blast takes place to produce a power blow. The lower the lag time, the greater the combustion will be.The minimum number of cetane in oil gas should be 50 so that the soft and quiet diesel engine works, it starts up with softener and less emissions, the lower number of the pet in addition to the negative impact on the combustion quality, causes the formation of a coke at the injection tip. The number of stickers depends on the process in which the oil is produced, the gas produced by the GTL methods has a high number of pests and their combustion quality is very good.