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Acid is a very strong sulfuric acid that dissolves with any percentage of water. Sulfuric acid with the chemical formula H2SO4 used to be called sulfur in the past. Sulfuric acid is a mineral that belongs to the acid group. This material was first discovered by Jaber ibn Hayyan. He obtained this acid by distilling minerals from iron sulfate and copper sulfate. Sulfuric acid is used in the preparation of chemical fertilizers, synthetic paints and dyes, oil refining, steel and metallurgy industries, and chemical industries.

Name of matter (Persian): Sulfuric acid

Name of matter (English): Sulfuric acid

Brand Name: Sulfuric Acid

Brand name: Sulfuric acid

Other names: Sulfur ink, Hydrogen sulfate, Hydrogen sulfate, Battery acid


Preparation of chemical fertilizers, synthetic paints, and dyestuffs, oil refining, steel and metallurgy industries, chemical industry

Physical and chemical properties:

Molecular formula: H2SO4

Molar mass: 98.08 g / mol

Appearance clear, colorless, odorless liquid

Density: 1.84 g / cm3, liquid

Melting point 10 C, 283 K, 50 F

Boiling point 337 C, 610 K, 639 F

Solubility in water is miscible

Acidity (pKa) -3 Viscosity: 26.7 cP @ 20 C

Safety Information:

In contact with the eye, in most cases, it causes severe damage, blindness. Contact with skin causes severe skin irritation and it can cause severe burns in the mouth and esophagus, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Not combustible.