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Phosphoric acid


Phosphoric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry. Phosphoric acid is weak in the chemical formula H3PO4 and is used as an additive in carbonated beverages. It is a mineral that belongs to the acid group. Phosphoric acid is also used in the production of fertilizers, soap, and non-soap cleaners, water purification, animal feed, and medicine.

Name of the substance (Persian): Phosphoric acid

The name of the substance (English): Phosphoric acid

Brand (Persian): Phosphoric Acid

Brand name: Phosphoric acid

Other names: orthophosphoric acid, phosphoric acid

Production complexes: Razi Petrochemical Complex

Phosphoric acid is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry. As an additive in carbonated beverages, it is used in the production of fertilizers, soap and non-soap detergents, water purification, animal feed and medicines, livestock and poultry food supplements (DI and calcium phosphate), phosphate detergents, The treatment of wastewater, the production of phosphate fertilizers (the most important application), the combustion of certain surfaces and inhibitors of flammability, and also the cleaning and scaling of metal surfaces. Phosphoric acid forms the addition of water to P4O10. Phosphoric acid is poor and cannot be dangerous in normal conditions and in the short term.


Preparation of phosphate fertilizers, electroplating and after-treatment industries for the preparation of livestock and poultry feed, phosphating agents, and the preparation of phosphate salts, etc.
Physical and chemical properties

Molecular formula: H3PO4

Molar mass 98.00 g / mol

Appearance white solid or colorless, viscous liquid (42 C)

Density: 1.885 g / ml (liquid) 1.685 g / ml (85% solution) 2.030 g / mol (crystal at 25 ° C)

Melting Point: 42.35 C (anhydrous) 29.32 (hemihydrate)

Boiling point: 158C (decomp)

Solubility in water 548 g / 100 mL

Acidity (pKa) 2.12, 7.21, 12.67

Viscosity 2.49.4

Safety Information:

The vapors cause eye irritation and also stimulate the eyes. Nasal and throat stimulants and respiratory system. Not combustible and explosive.