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Chemical name: Isopropyl alcohol. 

Synonyms with isopropyl alcohol: isopropyl alcohol, propanol alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, 

Product grade: 1. Industrial isopropyl alcohol 2. Isopropyl alcohol. 

Chemical formula: C3H8O 

Purity: Isopropanol alcohol 99%. 

Appearance: Colorless and flammable liquid and very strong odor. 

Solubility in water: soluble in water. 

Alcohol History: 


Alcohol was first cooked by Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakaria Razi, an Iranian physician, and chemist in the distillation of wine. He called it الکحل. Later, an American named Dr. Wendik called it alcohol. Although the history of wine production came to Iran in thousands of years ago, until Razi no one tends to purify the alcohol. 
Alcohol and Propanol: 


Isopropyl alcohol has many uses, including: 


1.As a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry. 


2. As a solvent for resins and cellulose esters. 


3.In the fermentation process. 


4.In the printing industry because it lowers the water temperature in the printing press and its vaporization is very low. 


5. As an antiseptic for cleaning the skin before surgery. 


6. As a raw material in saltines and disinfectants. 


7. As an essential ingredient in cosmetics such as hair sprays, nail polish. 


8. As a solvent in some chemical reactions and biological tests. 


Method of production : 

Isopropyl alcohol is produced in a variety of ways, there are two main commercial methods in which the parent substance is propane. The first method is the indirect propagation of propane in the presence of the homogeneous acid catalyst and the second method is direct filtration in the presence of the heterogeneous acid catalyst. In the present research, the conventional method of indirect discharge is used. Experiments were conducted in a reactor under pressure of one liter in the presence of propane and sulfuric acid in a two-phase system (liquid and gas) in a semi-continuous manner. The experiments were designed as single-valves and at concentrations of 65%, 75%, 85% and 95% of acid, at different temperatures. After obtaining the desired product under optimum conditions, the separation and purification operation was performed and alcohol with a technical purity of 80% by weight was prepared. After separating the remaining water from the product and drying it with sodium sulfate, other analyzes carried out showed that the product was in accordance with the standards.  

Isopropanol Alcohol Safety: 


dangers : 


Fire: highly flammable. 

Explosion: Vapor mixture with air has explosive properties. 

Respiratory: Irritation, coughing, shortness of breath, depression, death due to respiratory failure. 

Eyes: Irritation, redness, pain. 

Skin: Irritation and redness. 

Swallowing and digestion: abdominal contraction, decreased blood pressure, depression, choking danger, diarrhea.  

prevention : 


Fire: Any flames, sparks, and smoking are prohibited. 

Explosion: Use of closed system, public ventilation, electrical equipment and explosion-proof lighting.