The methyl ester is a butyl ether, an organic compound with the chemical formula C5H12O and a saturated aliphatic ether family. At standard temperature and pressure, a flammable liquid with a molecular weight of 15/88 and a 9-degree melting point Celsius, the boiling point is 53.6-2.55 ° C and the vapor pressure at 20 ° C is 268.0 bar. At room temperature, MTBE is colorless, flammable, soluble in water and evaporative. Oxygen compounds act as an octane gasoline enhancer and have the advantage of completing the combustion of gasoline, resulting in a significant reduction in exhaust emissions from cars.

In some cases, as a bile marrow solver, it has medical use.

Advantages of using MTBE

• Significantly lowered its risks to human health and contaminants of smoke, compared with tetraethyl lead and other additives.

• It's fit in comparison with other oxygenates

• Having high octane numbers

• Ease of access to raw material for its production

• Vapor pressure and proper boiling point

• The cost of production is reasonable

• Non-corrosive effects on metals