technical and engineering service

The company provides scientific and research services, technical and economic studies of projects, as well as holding tenders, contract management, engineering, procurement, construction, and installation, commissioning of industrial and sub-bases, and hopes to rely on valuable experiences. During many years, the activities of the engineering and operational units of different companies and the use of experienced and expert personnel in the fields of service to the industries of the country are provided.
Managing and Supervision of the crude oil tanks and various products construction, is the valuable knowledge, experience and performance of this group
Activities performed:
1- The optimization of petroleum products by constructing of seventeen large and small tanks with the capacities ranging from 200,000 barrels to one million barrels with fixed roof capability and floating capacity for desulfurization of petroleum products manufactured at Tehran Refinery from 2006 to 2010. Complete oversight of compliance with international petroleum standards from under construction and site preparation to sheets selection, purchase and transportation, welding, testing and filming of all welding sites, especially quality control of all construction operations, with the presence of specialized and experienced personnel. Successfully completed within the specified timeframe and delivered to the refining company Tehran's oil. The complex is now fully operational                                                           

2- Implementation of oil terminal construction project in Shahid Rajaee Port on 2.2 hectares land in Special Economic Zone of Shahid Rajaee Port with total capacity of 40,000 cubic meters (for unloading and loading and distribution of imported and exported and transit fuel) in 1995 - 96

The project consists of two floating tanks with a nominal capacity of 6,000 cubic meters each.   Eight 6000-cubic-meter fixed-roof tanks and a 5000-cubic-meter fire tank were designed, managing at least an annual reserve of 240,000 tonnes, which 52800 tonnes of light material and 187200 tonnes of heavy material were anticipated. Then it was completed in 15 months and delivered to the operator. The Holding, included all the following systems: 
1- Loading system for different products
2- Transferring system of product to marine tankers
3- Tank level control system
4- Tanks heating system
5- Ship loading system
6- Water separation system from petroleum materials
7- Power Sector Installations - Low Pressure Panels Engine Control Panel
8- Cathodic tank protection system
9- High voltage transistor power system
10- System for measuring the products delivered by tankers
storage tanks
storage tanks 
storage tanks 
storage tanks
storage tanks