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Dimethylformamide (with chemical formula NO 7H 3 C) is a chemical compound with the ID 6228. Whose molar mass is 73.09 g / mol. The appearance of this compound is a clear liquid.

Dimethylformamide is one of the common solvents in chemistry with the molecular formula of 2NC (O) H (CH3). This substance is a high boiling point aprotic polar solvent and facilitates reactions that follow polar mechanisms such as SN2. DMF is not stable in the presence of strong openings such as sodium hydroxide and strong acids such as HCl, H2SO4, and formic acid and dimethylammonium are hydrolyzed, especially by raising the temperature. DMF can be mixed with water at any rate. Purification and drying DMF: DMF is slowly degraded at room temperature slowly and releases dimethylamino and carbon monoxide at a faster rate. The degradation of this substance is accelerated by acidic impurities or play. DMF placement in drying reactants such as calcium hydride or sodium hydroxide for several hours at room temperature leads to significant degradation. DMF drying can be done by drying with barium oxide (BaO) or molecular sieves A 4 overnight and water-free water. Also, purification and drying is carried out by vacuum distillation at a pressure of about 20 mmHg and can be In the A 4 screens.