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Isobutanol is a colorless, flammable, organic substance with a specific odor. Isobutanol is a mixture of alcoholic families that is produced from organic matter corruption. Isobutanol is the primary ingredient of isobutyl acetate. Eating isobutanol reduces the effectiveness of the central nervous system. 


Name of substance (Persian): Isobutanol 

The name of the substance (English): Isobutanol 

Brand (Farsi): Isobutyl alcohol 

Brand name: Isobutyl alcohol 

Other names: Isobutyl alcohol, Isobutanol Isopropyl Carbinol, 1- Hydroxymethylpropane, 2- Methyl 1- Propanol 

Production complexes: Arak Petrochemical Complex 

Isobutanol (named IPAK 2-methylpropane-1 or 2-methyl propyl alcohol) is a colorless, flammable, organic, odorous substance. The isomers include n-butanol, 2-butanol and tert-butanol. This substance is in the group of alcohols and is used as a solvent in the chemical reactions and the starting material in the synthesis of organic matter. Isobutanol is naturally produced during fermentation of carbohydrates. It is also a byproduct of organic matter corrosion. 


Isobutanol is an allyl as an essential ingredient in the production of isobutyl acetate, which is used in the production of varnish and other coatings and also as fillings in the food industry. The raw material of producing isobutyl esters, such as di-isobutyl (DIBP), which is used as a plasticizer in plastics and rubber. Lacquer paint solvent on the ink additive to reduce the viscosity of the petrol additive to reduce the freezing in the additive carburetor Additive carcass patches The car separator in the production of organic compounds The mobile phase in thin-layer chromatography of isobutanol can be used as an alternative to gasoline in the engine Used car. 

Safety Information: 

Excessive amounts of vapors cause irritation. The liquid form of this substance causes skin irritation. Eating this substance reduces the effectiveness of the central nervous system. Vapors cause irritation of the nose and throat. The liquid and vapors of this substance are flammable.