Baltic bitumen slowed
28 Jun 2022, 12:35
Baltic bitumen slowed as the Orlen Mazeikiai refinery in Lithuania continued to close.....
Chinese oil was hunted by the Chinese
13 Jun 2022, 09:54
Oil prices fell on Friday as consumer prices in the United States rose more than expected and China took new steps to quarantine COVID-19.

Brent crude fell from $2 to $121.36 a barrel. West Texas Intermediate fell from $1.6 to $120 a barrel.

Oil prices fell with Wall Street stocks following news of accelerating inflation in the United States in May. Gasoline prices have hit record highs and food prices have 

OPEC+ Forced To Reschedule Meeting As Disagreements Persist
1 Dec 2020, 15:30
The OPEC meeting ended on Monday without an agreement among its members regarding the production cuts next year. Instead, the meeting ended with three of its heavyweights—Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE—holding different opinions as to how to handle things going forward.